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The Lee Hedley Band, Live in Florence

It's not every day you get to do live sound in the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence, Italy, record the show, and take yer ma with you! Roadtrip!!! It even beat recording in a castle in Cannes with my brother the year before.

I knew Florence, having spent a week there before, but that time, I'd been camping rough outside the monastry as a student.

Somehow I managed to pack two bikes as well as all the gear, so no matter where we went, we were able to go for a bike ride. This also meant we could have the odd glass of wine with dinner... We drove there so there were plenty of stops.

The venue was really nicely decorated, the food lovely, the accomodation luxurious with an apartment in the city centre.

Would I do it again? Sure I would.


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Florence, Italy
Live sound in the Ulster Hall
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